Sunday, 26 September 2010

You didn't win....

I've been looking for a special journal for quite some time(that was preferably not made in the PRC). A journal that one can map out their dreams, goals etc. , write inspiring quotations, affirmations, draw paint etc. In short a journal I could lovingly be a loyal friend and most-treasured asset. It had to be pretty, made with love and a journal that I can really appreciate and keep forever. I decided to do a Ebay search and to my delight this lovingly-handcrafted 'very special' journal came up 'Nkuku recycled sari journal with box(never used)' for a starting bid princely sum of 0.99p + 2.90 1st class Recorded delivery. I was the first and only bidder for the first 8 days or so(Dreamt it was mine:0). The final day I was outbid yet determined to seal the deal in the last few minutes. To my dissapointment a bidder stole my journal from me in the last minute. I was so upset with tears as seeing this journal gave me hope for the future and now it was out of my grasp. I was in turmoil. I'm at a stage where I'm on the scrapheap as far as contractual employments concerned and(I've lost count of the number of resemes and covering letters I've sent off without as much as an acknowledgment)is a sheer challenge to get through when you on the breadline and not properly nourished.


  1. So sorry that you lost out on your journal, ultimately this one must not have been meant for you. I'm sure the right journal is waiting for you and you will find it! Stay positive x

  2. Oh this one was meant for us alright(I could of sealed the deal with a final bid as one was the highest bidder with that 50 secs consequently that split decision cost me my beloved journal). The shop-based ones(your WHSmiths and Paperchase etc. etc. are costly and doesn't cut the quite cut the mustard in terms of lovingly-created handicraft / art , uniqueness and ethics(I really LOVED and appreciated this journal:)The shops number one priority is maximimising profitability(not quality and definately not ethics)at a huge cost to us all. I know what your saying, i often say that to myself in these circumstances. I can believe I'm lamenting on a journal, a inanimate object of all things. This is therapy for me and I need to let it go(that's my excuse:) Oh well that person needs it more than I do, that's life(It's not fair as I more than anyone I know appreciates pretty handcrafted items made in S. Asia)! I appreciate your support, Laura(thank-you:)x