Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year, 2011!

Happy New Year, 2011!

Cleanse and renew

Everyday of our lives we're constantly bombarded with pollutants, from the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume, the so called house-hold noxious chemicals; not to mention the electromagnetic frequency radiation from technological sources ie laptops etc. etc..

I'm about to embark on a experiment to cut down the amount of chemicals pollutants(I say cut down as it would be foolish to think we can eradicate poisonous chemicals altogether more so especially on existing budget.

I plan to this year radiate my talented gifts and light to the world!

My wee helpers include:

* Yoga and Meditation

* Conservation work

*Concentrate on one's innate healing abilities(we all have the capacity to heal:)

* Very simple plant-based diet

* Consuming pure water

* Community work of some kind ie making more folk aware of the poisonous effects of common house-hold cleaners ie bleach and offering suitable safe non-toxic alternatives

Big Hugs and Thank-you to *Veronika Robinson and indeed ALL the amazing Light Workers out there(you know who you are:), I'm indebited to you all.

Veronika is a entrepreneurial mother and  the founder of  'The Mother' magazine.

Wishing you all a successful 2011 and beyond, Namaste:) 

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Verdict on last night's creation?

An Alchemist's dream! Almonds are wonderfully versatile that can transform the simplest ingredients into a high-energy meal in itself. Great for ultra-healthy milks, vegan ice creams, desserts, sweet / savoury pie an tart crusts, you name it the humble almond is a handy kitchen staple. Alkaline, pure protein, Essential B Vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, Mg, it's got the lot.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Creative Festive Treat!

Created a wonderfully-decadent and rich(well, the festivities are coming to a close until next year:)  dessert made from almonds, ripe bananas, few unsulphured apricots, lacuma and ground cardamom. It's in the freezer setting.

Wish List 2011!

Clare Nasir’s Bootcamp, £19.99 described this as fun and thus gave it nine out of ten!

2011 wish List!

Clare Nasir’s Bootcamp, Dvd £19.99 described this as fun and gave it a score of nine out of ten!

Pasta Binge Alert!

Due to my spartan and meagre rations yesterday(pear and spinach smoothie and a moderate serving of raw pad thai and that's it ie no snacks even fruit in between) I went to bed hungry and thus dreamt of hunger! For brunch I succumbed to two massive bowls of wholewheat penne pasta(tomatoes, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt and of course chili:). Dangerous territory indeed! pasta(and indeed all cooked processed carbs etc.) is poison to this individual. I have been known to gorge my way through mounds of the stuff ( it's the highly-addictive opiates) and at least one 500g pack in one sitting. Having lived  this mortal coil for decades now I have to conclude that all cooked and processed foods is poison and destructive and one is better of abstaining from them. I'm fortunate that my favourite food is fruit so here's to my angst-free and water-blessed life. Has anyone read 'Your Body's Many Crys for water' by a Dr, Batmanji(sp) and another good very thin publication is 'The Choice is Clear' by American physician, Dr, Allan E. Banik ? Well worth a read I say(as is Colon Health by Dr. Norman Walker)!

I'm feel quite fortunate to have this platform to help myself and if Clare Nasir can transform her figure in such a short space of time(I'm envious) that I can be motivated to get fit for life!     

Monday, 27 December 2010


Forgot to metion chili too!

Cilantro / Coriander / Cherry Tomato-free Raw Pad Thai!

Just devoured a Asian-inspired dish without my beloved favorite cilantro and cherry tomatoes. I combined  almonds, ginger, garlic, arugula(all I had and a jolly good cilantro alternative too:0), tamari and lime juice to a paste. Served on a bed of lime and olive oil-infused raw carrot 'noodles', delish!

Sublime Green Smoothie!

Baby Spinach

Ripe Pears

Cacao Beans(few to a handful:)


and lots of love, enjoy today's brunch:)!

Plant-based celebratary alternative to turkeys and other sentient living beings!

 I really enjoyed  my sage and onion festive-inspired, plant-based 'living' main course of sprouted sunflower seeds, red onion, dried sage, grated carrot, turmeric Haidi), chili powder and tamari. So easy to prepare with a day (or two) germinated seeds and a few basics, simply serve with seasonal greens and roots. A dish that even a hard-core carnivore can't say no too! I created this on a whim when I craved a Christmas savoury meal and it really hits the spot. As for baby Jesus' birthday itself I craved good a ole' black eye bean curry(I've been craving curry for months:).

Happy New Year, 2011!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Festive Sweet Treat

1/2 Cup cashews (soaked for at least an hour and thoroughly rinsed)

2 small bananas (ripe)

1 TSP cacao powder

3 TBS  chia seed gel

Mixed spice


Simplicity in a bowl!

bowl of baby spinach

4 small strawberries sliced

3 slices of red onion quartered

half a cucumber sliced and cut lengthwise

big sprig of basil, ripped

light sprinkle of pumpkin seeds