Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tuesday, 5th January 2010( Paramahansa Yogananda's Birthday:)

Rules of Raw January:
- I will eat primarily raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for 30 days.
- Heated and boiling water will be allowed for teas, herbs and miso only.
- I will be allowed to eat fermented foods only if I make them from absolute scratch, to ensure the least amount of processing possible.

22:00 Jumbo Oats with water

Wednesday, 6th January 2010

* 5 Tibetan Rites / Asanas:0)

* flesh of watermelon:)

* South-East Asian inspired creative concoction made from leftover watermelon rind(yes, you heard right, resourceful that's my name:), hemp seeds, garlic, hemp seeds, chilli and toasted sesame oil.

* Banana

* Jumbo Oats and water

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Respecting The Earth, Life and Humanity!

If you only ever accomplish one thing this year, make sure you only buy what you need! Cooked food waste goes straight to landfill(landfill space is running out) and emits toxic gases(methane etc.) which is potentially more hazardous than CO2.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Goals For 2010!

* Healthy Pregnancy, birth, child!

* Warm and snug,cozy home environment; away from the capitalist, commercial, toxic and materialistic hub. I will be chief nurturer / home-maker and creating all sorts of lovely things from a wasteful individual's trash / 'rubbish'(aka being resourceful:0).

* Home-based ethical business / service.