Saturday, 11 September 2010

Food Diary!

After managing to get zero sleep last night / this morning I found myself in the same room with Viva / Vegetarian Magazine founder, Juliet G! I attended a school speaker's one day workshop despite feeling very out of it(zombie-like state). I cane back full of tips and confidence(Huge thank-you Julliet and avid team of helpers:)

Diet and fitness went pear-shaped thought!

*canned veggie soup(Brekkie)

*Catered Lunch: Vegan? tartlett with yummy green salad(inc arugula:)

*20:00 DIY Mung bean sprouts(love these:)

*21:00 Brown rice(soaked overnight:) with turmeric, chili, cumin etc. salt and

creamed coconut!


  1. Oooohhhh I would like to try mung bean sprouts! x

  2. You must! you're going to love this jewel-colored beauties full of nutritional life-force:)

    Waitrose or Orcado do 500g packs of organic / dried mung beans for 99p!

    Take one quarter of the mung beans(you might want to spot any broken beans as these won't sprout, I don't want to be responsible for any broken teeth) soak overnight rinse and place in a colander(stainless steel is best:)give it a rinse every morning and last thing at night. Once the white tail appears they're ready to eat as norishing snacks or added to salads, sandwiches(open rye is good:), stir-frys, curries whatever! Tip for sprouting virgins! Try not to let the white tails get bigger then the actual green bean itself(once beans have sprouted ie no longer then the actual bean it self you can refridgerate for up to a week:)

    These wee gems of a food are perfect fuel for mind and body and cost pennies. If you log on to and click on Ocado(Waitrose brand)you can buy raw buckwheat groats for 99p(Cheaper then Tesco:)and sprout thest too:)

    Happy sprouting, Sweeties!