Friday, 27 May 2011

Reece's PB Cups anyone?

Not really raw but moreish vegan treat!

broccoli,zucchini and apples with a generous dollop of frivolity and fun!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Join me on a campaign for real food!

Why do we collectively in the highly-advanced, developed World seem to be so seduced with fancy packages and graphics?  Those processed 'natural' bars still can't compete with the vast array of natural benefits from a wholesome fresh and organic produce lifestyle and should be consumed in moderation only and is no substitute for a healthy / balanced lifestyle(very handy when you're out and about with nowt to eat). They're still processed food and mass-produced in a factory(albeit a smaller and ethically-aware one).

The best fuel for mind, body and soul nourishes, hydrates, strengthens and sustains are cells, brain and structure.

The best fuel gives us valuable oxygen to bring life into all our cells

The best fuel remineralizes our physical structure

The best fuel balances our hormones(think green:)

The best fuel strengthens and supports

The best fuel nurtures our brain, organs and glands

The best fuel dispels negative thoughts and makes us naturally-happy

Today's delicious brunch smoothie: young spinach, organically-grown and locally-sourced conference pears, germinated almonds, juice of 2 limes:) Namaste! 


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Pear Supreme

Brunch today was a wonderfully-creamy and decadent affair, full of fun, fresh-tasting flavors, frivolity and flair(even if I do say so myself: =) ! This simple yet tasty treat will leave you feeling euphorically-energetic and as light as a feather (Divine treat for the taste buds too), ENJOY!

Pear Supreme: local & organic conference pears(I used 3:), giant bunch of flat-leaf parsley, perfectly-ripe avocado, juice of 2 limes and that's it!

Have a awesome weekend folks!


Friday, 21 January 2011

Gorgeously-Sublime, Green Energy Soup

I'm soo excited about sharing this vibrant, fresh-tasting(delicious and comforting:) and yet tasty, simple, live, vegan creation with you all that I had to blog about it! The 'secret' is all down to the quality of fresh produce:) I hope you love it as much as I do, ENJOY!

Energy soup: organic baby spinach, watercress, arugula, flat-leaf parsley(tip: generous, generous handfuls of  leafy greens svp:), vine tomatoes, fresh garlic, 2TBS shelled hemp seeds, 1TBS unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, water and LOVE:)

Think Green!

Green Power Brunch Smoothie: young spinach, flat-leaf parsley, 3 small green apples, juice of 2 limes, 2TBS shelled hemp seeds, freeze-dried acai powder and water(yummers, may be a wee hard-core for leafy green novices and beginners! 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Intentions, Intentions, Intentions(Let's Begin:)!

I fully intend to be my true and authentic self this year. Let us begin with fuel and eating fuel I really and truly love:

and STOP consuming foods I don't really enjoy ie cooked / processed food: long grain brown rice, cooked lentils, miso, tamari, nutritional yeast etc. One man's food or 'medicine' can be another man's 'poison' in the same way, one man's trash is another man's treasure' .  I will eat to nourish and sustain. I enjoy and thrive on water-based(I'm a crab after all:) foods so the simplest creations in nature will suffice(no dyhydrator for this one,  I wouldn't mind a Vitamix thought:). I eat what I eat because it's empowering and it keeps me strong(yeah baby:)!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Simply Peachy Buckwheaties(Breafast today:)

Appreciated a scrummy bowl of white peaches(sourced  by OH from the market :), buckwheaties and ground cardamon for brekkie today.