Friday, 10 September 2010

Gotta get one of these says kiddie at heart!

The box contained one People Tree bag filled with a green summer dress, one black and white skirt, one red t-shirt and one scarf. None of them immediately struck me as being my style.

I then came to the final item which was a pair of pyjamas. A big grin came over my face - yes I'd struck gold.
I had been about to buy myself some new pyjamas from People Tree, but these past season ones were much nicer than the ones I had been intending to get.

In an increasingly buoyant mood, I looked at the other items again.
Whilst People Tree guarantee that each bag contains goods worth at least £80, a quick calculation in my head, comparing my items to current stock, showed that I would have spent at least £250 to buy it all in season.

One of the reasons I am a big fan of People Tree clothing, apart from its outstanding ethics, is that the clothes are interesting and unique. They are not fast fashion; I could wear a People Tree item in five years time and it would still look great.
This makes the fact that the items in the Goody Bags are from previous seasons a bit irrelevant.

Receiving the Goody Bag was rather like getting a vegetable box; you end up being discovering foods and being forced to eat things that you never ordinarily would have chosen.
I decided I did like the clothes after all and put most of them on together regardless of the fact that it wasn't my usual style and that they didn't really go together.

Being a conservative dresser I am still amazed at the positive feedback I have had over my younger and funkier look.

At £30 these bags are a great ethical bargain and as well as getting a guilt free fashion

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