Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Raw Energy Invauable Tips(Merci, Fred:)!

The reason was that too many people were eating low-calorie fruits like plums, peaches and apples and not enough of the "real sustenance" like banana-based smoothies. Also, because they were not used to eating raw, they did not learn to eat enough at one meal to last for three meals a day. In most cases, I recommend to eat 4 or 5 meals a day to people who are starting out, until they can reduce that to 3 or 4 meals only. If you're still hungry after a fruit meal, you didn't eat enough! Some of the food they made in at this event was truly delicious and low-fat. They made delicious cinnamon-flavored fruit sauces by blending bananas, apples and other fruits with a sweetener and cinnamon, and people were using that to pour on top of more fruit, bananas, chopped up lettuce and even zucchini noodles.

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