Saturday, 7 August 2010

Raw Choccie Bliss!

As you may be aware I'm not all hemp and Hessian and thus I too love to indulge in the finer things in life! I've been appreciating some yummy raw Cacao confectionery most recently and therefore feel obliged to share these delightful discoveries with y'all.

What am I?
‘Cacao Kapow’ is a sugar free, dairy free, raw cacao bar. Made from the same plant that brings you chocolate, but unlike chocolate, this bar maintains all the nutritional qualities of the most complex plant on earth, the amazing Cacao plant.

What’s in me?
‘Cacao Kapow’ is a raw living food; gentle processing of ingredients never reaches temperatures above 42 degrees to ensure the nutritional qualities are maintained.

All the ingredients we use are either certified organic or are wild-crafted, free from agrochemicals and pesticides. All the ingredients listed below are ethically and sustainably sourced.

• Cold Pressed Virgin Cacao Oil/Butter.
Cacao butter won't raise your cholesterol levels like other fats, is less likely to cause weight gain compared to refined or hydrogenated oils, and also provides essential fatty acids.

• Creative Nature’s Award Winning Organic Cacao Nibs.
Contain more than 300 nutritional compounds, antioxidants, essential minerals and feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin.

• Xylitol (Birch Tree Sugar)

Despite its chemical sounding name, Xylitol is in fact a completely naturally occurring sweetner found in many fruits, particularly strawberries. The name Xylitol is derived from the Latin for ‘from wood’ as in Xylophone (a wooden instrument).

It has approximately half the calories of sugar and is safe for both diabetics and individuals with hyperglycaemia.

• Rice Powder

• Algarroba (South American variety of Carob) renowned for its soothing effect on the digestive system as well as a high mineral content.

• And a pinch of Ground vanilla pod

What can I be used for?
‘Cacao Kapow’ can be used in the same way you would use a chocolate bar, to be enjoyed wherever and whenever the mood takes you!

How much of me should you take?

Unlike synthetic chocolate, where you will often eat a whole bar and still crave more, many people report that 4 or 5 squares of ‘Cacao Kapow’ is normally enough to satisfy ones needs. This is because ‘Cacao Kapow’ doesn’t contain synthetic sugar which unbalances blood sugar levels causing a dip and therefore a craving for more.
It is also likely that the live enzymes contained in raw food which enhance digestion help the body to feel satisfied more quickly.
Having said that, for true ‘Kapowaholics’ one bar is never enough!! There’s nothing bad in ‘Cacao Kapow’ so you can eat it till the Ca-Cows come home!!

None reported. (Not suitable for animals)

This is raw confectionery at it's very best and a pure delight to eat, so decadent, luxurious and the meltingly-smooth mouth feel of a standard(not so virtuous or healthy chocolate bar)chocolate bar. The taste is sublimely-perfect(Not cloyingly-sickly sweet as conventional choccie can be:). Go on treat yourself today!

Other good bars that are worth a mention are:

* Om Bars: Probotic Coconut and Acai and Blueberry(ORAC224/g)- I've yet to try the Probotic Strawberry

* Vanoffie Lovingly-created by the Raw Chocolate Company in Sussex!

Enjoyed a delicious brunch-breakfast of buckwheat, fresh blueberries and OmBar: Acai and Blueberry raw chocolate:0)

Happy Eating!

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