Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Pasta Binge Alert!

Due to my spartan and meagre rations yesterday(pear and spinach smoothie and a moderate serving of raw pad thai and that's it ie no snacks even fruit in between) I went to bed hungry and thus dreamt of hunger! For brunch I succumbed to two massive bowls of wholewheat penne pasta(tomatoes, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt and of course chili:). Dangerous territory indeed! pasta(and indeed all cooked processed carbs etc.) is poison to this individual. I have been known to gorge my way through mounds of the stuff ( it's the highly-addictive opiates) and at least one 500g pack in one sitting. Having lived  this mortal coil for decades now I have to conclude that all cooked and processed foods is poison and destructive and one is better of abstaining from them. I'm fortunate that my favourite food is fruit so here's to my angst-free and water-blessed life. Has anyone read 'Your Body's Many Crys for water' by a Dr, Batmanji(sp) and another good very thin publication is 'The Choice is Clear' by American physician, Dr, Allan E. Banik ? Well worth a read I say(as is Colon Health by Dr. Norman Walker)!

I'm feel quite fortunate to have this platform to help myself and if Clare Nasir can transform her figure in such a short space of time(I'm envious) that I can be motivated to get fit for life!     

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