Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cleanse and renew

Everyday of our lives we're constantly bombarded with pollutants, from the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume, the so called house-hold noxious chemicals; not to mention the electromagnetic frequency radiation from technological sources ie laptops etc. etc..

I'm about to embark on a experiment to cut down the amount of chemicals pollutants(I say cut down as it would be foolish to think we can eradicate poisonous chemicals altogether more so especially on existing budget.

I plan to this year radiate my talented gifts and light to the world!

My wee helpers include:

* Yoga and Meditation

* Conservation work

*Concentrate on one's innate healing abilities(we all have the capacity to heal:)

* Very simple plant-based diet

* Consuming pure water

* Community work of some kind ie making more folk aware of the poisonous effects of common house-hold cleaners ie bleach and offering suitable safe non-toxic alternatives

Big Hugs and Thank-you to *Veronika Robinson and indeed ALL the amazing Light Workers out there(you know who you are:), I'm indebited to you all.

Veronika is a entrepreneurial mother and  the founder of  'The Mother' magazine.

Wishing you all a successful 2011 and beyond, Namaste:) 

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