Monday, 24 January 2011

Join me on a campaign for real food!

Why do we collectively in the highly-advanced, developed World seem to be so seduced with fancy packages and graphics?  Those processed 'natural' bars still can't compete with the vast array of natural benefits from a wholesome fresh and organic produce lifestyle and should be consumed in moderation only and is no substitute for a healthy / balanced lifestyle(very handy when you're out and about with nowt to eat). They're still processed food and mass-produced in a factory(albeit a smaller and ethically-aware one).

The best fuel for mind, body and soul nourishes, hydrates, strengthens and sustains are cells, brain and structure.

The best fuel gives us valuable oxygen to bring life into all our cells

The best fuel remineralizes our physical structure

The best fuel balances our hormones(think green:)

The best fuel strengthens and supports

The best fuel nurtures our brain, organs and glands

The best fuel dispels negative thoughts and makes us naturally-happy

Today's delicious brunch smoothie: young spinach, organically-grown and locally-sourced conference pears, germinated almonds, juice of 2 limes:) Namaste! 



  1. Thanks for your support, lovely(much appreciated:)!

  2. So true! I wanted to scream while shopping today because all of the chicken was not even made of chicken!

  3. I'm convinced Governments, corporate giants and big pharma and the like wants to poison us all with all the pollution and poisons in 'food', air pollution, chem trials etc etc, time to take a stand! Thanks for dropping bt Dani:)

  4. Starting Monday, I will dedicate myself to eating healthy for the next two weeks...but I reserve Saturdays for my "cheat" days, okay? great post!