Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I forgot to mention...... some excellent ethical personal care brands that put people and planet prior to profit that are definitely worth mentioning(I love them:)

* Dr. Bronner's castille soap all-purpose cleanser is utterly-delightful!

*Tom's of Maine toothpaste(You can make your own from baking soda, dried orange / lemon peel:)

* Kingfisher Toothpaste(UK)

*Oliva(sp) The pure olive oil soap that's all saponified olive oil(biodegradable:) from Greece!


  1. You have all these blogs, cosmic? Wow you must be a busy lady!!!
    I love Dr. Bronner's soap! Currently I have the Eucalyptus one and love cleaning with it!

  2. The blogs 'er Melissa(ahem:)I got carried away! Good to hear of a Dr. Bronner soap enthusiast and thank-you for dropping by!

    Sunny Daze!