Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No Poo!

I just like to share a no frills recipe for cleansing and conditioning hair. It also confirms that the mass-produced personal care products on sell on the market today are not only harmful to humans, mammals and the environment; they use up valuable vital resources and therefore unnecessary. These products are often full of toxic chemicals that destroy life. ie eco-systems, human and marine alike.

One way to change things is to 1, make your own 2, only support ethical companies that care:

*Jason US

*Green People UK

*Faith in Nature UK

* Avalon US / CAN

Remember! Good(Ethical)business thrives on supply and demand like any business, the more people that support good business the natural health industry will thrive and we all be healthy as a result, relying innately on our intuitive healing powers then 'big pharma'.

No poo: mix a little baking soda with water(simple:)

Rinse: diluted apple cider vinegar

DIY alternative: Indian soap nuts or a mixture of gram flour and water(mix, strain through muslin / stocking use the liquid part for washing hair:) You can also cleanse your body with this. As a rule of thumb(Human body is the largest organ)if you can't eat it, forget it!

An alternative to overpowering scent of the toxic fragrances / perfumes try a few drops of pure essential oil instead ie Jasmine, ylang Ylang, lemongrass etc.

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