Monday, 26 July 2010

Quest to be Greener, ecologically!

It's official I'm no longer a Ebay virgin! I purchased a lovely handwoven S. Asian styled short-sleeved, People Tree Nepalese-crafted shirt from a lovely seller in Olympia, Washington in good ole USA! It's a really lovely shirt that's been made with love(It's nice knowing that talented artisans(hand weavers etc.) have not been exploited in any way.

Did you know that one hand loom saves a tonne of CO2 a year. In India, the textile or 'Khadi' (sp) industry is still the second biggest trade after agriculture?

My aim is consume less overall and if I do purchase essential stuff it will be from a resourceful source that's kind to people and planet ie freecycle, ebay, thrift shops etc. I draw the line with second-hand under garments thought!

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