Monday, 14 December 2009

Love Food, Hate Waste!

By Francesca Angelina(ES today:)

A free feast made from six tonnes of misshapen fruit and veg that would otherwise have been thrown out will be offered to 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square.

Curry and smoothies will be served at Feeding The 5,000 on Wednesday from nnoon to 14:00, to highlight food waste. Farms, packers and markets have given fresh produce to the event, organised by author, Tristram Stuart with Save the Children, ActionAid, This is Rubbish and Fairshare. Chefs including Masterchef winner, Thomasina Miers will give lessons in using leftovers.

Rosie Boycott, chairwoman of the London Food Board, said: 'It will bring to life the idea that every morsel is too good to waste.' Britain Wastes £12billion of foods and drink a year. Up to 40% of farmer's crops are rejected for cosmetic reasons.

See you there!

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